Model/varenr.: 250-1001

Install an ARP cam bolt kit and end your camshaft timing worries! ARP quality delivers increased pre-load clamping force and assures positive timing gear register. Since these kits are application specific, you will get exactly what you need in one package.

Fra: ARP
44,03  m/Moms
(35,22  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 154-2501

As the crankshaft flexes and twists, the balancer absorbs incredible amounts of kinetic energy. To ensure that the balancer is locked in place, ARP has developed these ultra-strong 200,000 psi bolts that let you exert maximum clamping force. Special features include 1/4' thick, wide area washer and an extra tall 12-point head that accepts a deep socket and eliminates the worry of stripping the head.

Fra: ARP
264,14  m/Moms
(211,31  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 154-2502

ARP offers a special version of its rugged 200,000 psi rated balancer bolt that can accept a standard 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar to facilitate rotating the crank assembly.

Fra: ARP
316,96  m/Moms
(253,57  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 154-7905

Many engines have been destroyed as a result of an oil pump drive shaft failure. ARP has designed and extra heavy-duty shaft that will provide you with the necessary reliability. Ford drive shafts are made from ARP2000 and heat-treated to 220,000 psi. These pump drives feature a CNC milled (not broached) hex, and has the retaining washer installed.

228,93  m/Moms
(183,14  u/Moms )
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