Model/varenr.: 9-101-1000


  • Flow rate of 165LPH (40psi, 13.5v)
  • Ethanol compatibility (e5, e10, and e25 blends)
  • Composite turbine impeller for quiet and efficient operation
  • Computer balanced armature for low NVH
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Application specific fitment kits
867,20  m/Moms
(693,76  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 9-201-1000

Introducing the DW200 in-tank fuel pump which has all the all the benefits of the DW300 in a lower priced, lower flowing package.

  • Flows 255 liters per hour (67 gallons per hour)
  • In-tank application specific fitment
  • Ethanol compatible
  • 3-year no-fault warranty
  • Quiet and reliable turbine impeller
867,20  m/Moms
(693,76  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 9-301-1000

DeatschWerks redesigned the DW300 to offer greater flow with no significant increase in current draw. The new DW300 pump flows 26% more at its peak and 20% more on average. The low amperage draw minimizes pump temperatures, maximizes pump life and reduces stress on OE wiring.

1.480,38  m/Moms
(1.184,30  u/Moms )
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