Model: HT-020400

Boost Control Solenoid - 33Hz (inc hose fittings, rubber isolated mount and matching DTM 2 plug and pins set)

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Model: -50535-V1
Thinking of turning up the boost to max? Then this 4 port boost control solenoid is perfect. It allows for precise boost control of up to 120PSI. 4 port Boost control soldenoids are commonly used for big boost applications, boost levels can be raised as high as 6-7 times the spring pressure of th ...more
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Model: -50536-V1
Details More boost? Of course and this 3 port boost control solenoid will help you do it.  3 port boost control solenoids are the go-to for the majority of boost control applications, they allow for precise control of boost and boost levels can be raised to around 2-3 times the spring pressure o ...more
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