This page, we regularly be updated, as the assortment hopefully grow.

The goal for us is to be able to deliver any kind of custom made brake hoses, of the highest possible quality, and the best finish.

This is available in steel reinforced brake hoses of teflon, combind with stainless steel fittings, and steel reinforced brake hoses of teflon, is also available with a colored silicone coating that protects the hose against stone strokes in the wheel arches.

Just send us your old brake hoses, so we have something to go on. Description of the hoses are also welcome at mail. Please just long on the hose and fittings type / size.


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Model: -6180

Design your own pre-assembled hoses here, with stainless steel fittings.

Suitable as brake hoses and tubes that are exposed to an extreme pressure and environment as for example marine and boat environment.

$39.39  Incl. VAT
( $31.51  Excl. VAT )
Availability: Leadtime is 4-7 dage, hvis det er lager vare day(s).

The price is the assembly of a tube with two fittings

$7.09  Incl. VAT
( $5.67  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
$5,724.46  Incl. VAT
( $4,579.57  Excl. VAT )
Availability: Out of stock