ATL designs and manufactures fabric-reinforced rubberised bladder tanks in standard and custom sizes. Whether you need to store fuel below deck (in the hull of your boat), or above deck as a range-extension solution, ATL has a bladder that will suit your application. ATL bladders can be found in offshore race, fishing and work boats, as well as pleasure yachts, military special-ops boats, ski and drag boats and law enforcement patrol craft.

Pliable and fully deformable, yet totally self-supporting in their containers or cavities, the ‘stoutness’ of ATL bladders prevents them from being whipped and slammed about in their enclosures. ATL marine bladders exhibit a remarkable resistance to harsh environments and its propriety elastomers display excellent resistance to: UV rays, shock, vibration, freeze-thaw cycles, ozone, acids, salt water, alkalis, hydraulic fluids, and even NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) hazards. Typical dampness-related conditions such as mold, fungus, mildew and hydrolysis are also no match for ATL’s materials. ATL can also offer a bio-fuel resistant 893-B material which is compatible with all fuels. ATL's fuel cell installations can be designed as vent-less collapsing diaphragms or as vented non-collapsing liners.

ATL’s ‘Flame-Flex’ fire-resistant fuel bladder sheath – when used in conjunction with a FluroCell fuel bladder - meets US Coast Guard (USCG 33 CFR 183.510), American Boat and Yacht Counsel (ABYC H-24) and ISO (10088) standards. Independent testing showed that, after a 2.5 minute fire test, a FluroCell bladder, within a Flame-Flex sheath, exhibited no signs of damage or fuel leakage.

As with land-based motorsport, ATL fuel bladders are the fuel cells of choice for many leading race-boat constructors.

Model: PF-AB-005

Range extension fuel bladder constructed from highly durable nylon-reinforced material :
Extend the fuel range of your vessel by installing a range extension bladder either on-deck or within a vented stowage area.

Petro-Flex bladders are easy to refuel via a top-mounted standpipe (accepts standard pistol-type fuel nozzles).

Fitted with a 0.5" ball-valve fuel outlet (1" ball-valve optional), the bladders are fully collapsible once drained of fuel, so can
easily be folded up and stowed away.

Length x Width x Height:
914.4 x 762 x 254mm (36 x 30 x 10inches)

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