Model: 8475240418
This plug is used to plug the coolant port on the block of the 2JZ Engine that normally goes to the oil cooler. Use this plug when deleting your oil cooler or going to an aftermarket oil cooler.90344-53015
130,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 104,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: Out of stock
Model: 7020
During the design process of our power steering reservoir kit we decided it was time to innovate a new product. Instead of the re-welded and re-worked inlet fittings everyone is use to seeing we opted to create a billet replacement fitting. This is a direct fit and uses a -10 hose end.
432,50 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 346,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 84752372819017
The Powerhouse Racing One Piece Billet Timing Belt Drive Gear for the VVT-i 2JZ-GTE features a one-piece design and is CNC machined from billet steel. This timing gear features lightening holes on both the front and rear of the gear to keep it as light as possible, and the steel material makes for ...more
1.048,75 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 839,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475240424
Use this adapter to convert your 1/8 Metric Pipe Thread fittings to 1/8 NPT fittings. Perfect for using existing ports to install sensors and oil feeds for turbos. Machined from 316 stainless Steel
222,50 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 178,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 100

A must-have for all BPU Supras, the PHR Bypass consists of a large #6 Stainless Steel Braided hose with metric fittings to route from the factory fuel filter to the rear of the factory fuel rail.

Price from
841,06 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 672,85 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: Out of stock
Model: 5631
Powerhouse Racing Billet Rear Differential Mounts. These are the 2 differential mounts that go from the subframe to the differential assembly. These parts are sold as a pair, no welding required! Firm up your rear end, to be able to handle massive horsepower, reduce ET's and 60ft times. Don't waste ...more
1.551,25 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 1.241,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 630213
This high quality aluminum plate fits over the top of the front mount intercooler and diverts all incoming air through the intercooler and radiator first instead of pushing it over the top. Not to mention it makes a show statement when the hood is open! The perfect final touch for any modified Supra ...more
1.150,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 920,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: Out of stock
Model: 630247
The OEM timing belt tensioner brackets are prone to cracking and breakage in high RPM/high HP applications. PHR is happy to provide you with hands down the best replacement available:  Fully CNC machined from billet steel making it the strongest bracket on the market  Black oxide coated to provi ...more
Price from
1.680,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 1.344,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: PHR 01011048

Price is per gear.

PHR is proud to introduce our new Billet Cam Gears for the 2JZ and 1JZ engine familes. 

Adjustable cam gears are important for dialing in opening and closing events on camshafts as well as lobe centerline. You camshaft was designed to target these specific events and you need an adjustable cam gear to adjust them as close to your specifcations and requirements as possible.

Beyond that, you may be able to find additional horsepower or tweak your power curve to your specific needs by adjusting the valve timing with these gears. 

PHR Cam Gears also offer an engine dress aspect that looks amazing in your engine bay and pairs perfectly with PHR's accessory pulley kits.

PHR's Cam gears are cut from 6061 billet aluminum. The outer gear is hard anodized black to take any abuse that will be given them. All hardware is stainless steel and will never tarnish or rust.

VVT-i model engines will require only one gear, as the intake gear cannot be replaced for VVT-i to remain operable.

The Powerhouse Racing Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gears are the only gears in the world for the 2JZ that offer a way of locking the gear and absolutely eliminating any chance of slip. The PHR Gear comes with the 0 position lock which will be the most widely used postion. For those wanting to adjust their cam timing the PHR adjusting kit is available. This kit allows adjustment from 1 degree to 9 degrees positive or negative and assures that your gear CANNOT SLIP FROM ITS ADJUSTED POSTION.

Price from
1.538,75 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 1.231,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 847523543
PHR Adjustment Lock Kit for PHR Cam Gears. This is the the locks only. No Gears.
390,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 312,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 847523544
The PHR Cam Gear Bolt with Stainless Washer is the perfect finish to your engine bay. Why have a beautiful set of cam gears and ruin the look with ugly factory bolts. The PHR Cam Gear Bolt Features a tapered washer which protrudes around the bolt to give a fantastic look and clean finish. Our bolt i ...more
202,43 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 161,94 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 847523621
PHR tilbyder nu en super clean løsning til montering af din AEM boost controller! Med dette beslag, gør det det nemt at montere din boost controller på en nem og lækker måde. Beslaget er skåret ud i billet aluminium og kommer med diverse hardware til installation. 
335,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 268,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475237281549
The Powerhouse Racing Gen 2 Flex Fuel Bracket for the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra mounts the flex fuel sensor under the car in the OEM fuel filter location. You can't use this bracket with the factory fuel line (but if you are running flex fuel, you should not be utilizing the factory fuel line anyway) ...more
1.242,50 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 994,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475237281554
The PHR Short Stud and Nut Kit uses shorter studs than the factory twin turbo studs and the nuts are flanged with a smaller diameter flange. These are often used where clearance for manifold runners are very tight. Each Kit Includes: (12) M10x1.25 studs (12) M10x1.25 ...more
637,50 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 510,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475237281556
When sending a 2JZ block to the machine shop you must remove the four oil galley plugs to ensure the all metal shaving and contaminants are able to be cleaned out of the oil passages. Upon removal most of these are no longer usable. These are a perfect press fit replacement for the 2JZ engine block. ...more
83,75 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 67,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475237281679
Powerhouse Racing Solid Front Differential Mounts (Ear Mounts). Sold by the pair. Firm up your rear end, to be able to handle massive horsepower, reduce ET's and 60ft times.  Don't waste energy shaking that differential around. Transfer that power to through the diff, to the axles and to the whee ...more
1.482,50 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 1.186,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475237281680
Powerhouse Racing Solid Rear Subframe Mounts (rear of rear subframe). Sold by the pair. keep that rear end in place and keep it healthy for BIG horsepower. Get your 60ft's down and don't break. Not only does your diff want to move around, the entire subframe wants to rock too. The factory bushing ...more
2.477,50 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 1.982,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475237281712
Powerhouse Racing has always been on the top of the world in creating solutions to common problems that occur with the 2jz engine. One common issue is the timing pickup will often separate from the main timing belt gear and spin causing a trigger/sync error. This will cause running and timing pro ...more
1.071,25 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 857,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475237281713
2JZ and big boost means you must have a proper breather setup to handle the excessive crankcase pressures. This oil cap give and easy twist-on solution to add a 10 or 12AN breather port to you valve covers. CNC'd aluminum and anodized black. This cap will clear factory hood and fit on any OEM or ...more
1.137,50 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 910,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475237281717
The Powerhouse Racing Solid Steering Rack Bushing Kit is a compound solution to the shortcomings of the factory power steering rack bushings: The factory rubber bushings a prone to oil saturation, sponging and failure, resulting in poor steering response or an outright dangerous condition of tota ...more
1.276,25 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 1.021,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 847523772
If you have an early generation 2JZ block, before the availablility of VVT-i, this fitting adapts your oil pressure switch port to a VVT-i Oil Feed Port. You need this fitting if converting to a VVT-i cylinder head on the early generation blocks.  Retains factory checked banjo bolt which is neces ...more
393,75 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 315,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 847523811
The PHR -20AN Coolant Port Adapter for the 2JZ-GE allows you to connect a -20AN line to the head in order to run a -20 Upper Radiator Hose. These replace the factory cast waterneck.  Machined from billet aluminum and made to keep as low a profile as possible in order to clear the power steering r ...more
1.226,25 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 981,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 8475240411
Dynosaur Performance is happy to bring you the best fuel rail kit for the Gen 2 Dodge Viper on the market. Save yourself from poorly designed alternatives. Get what works best at ANY horsepower level. The Dynosaur Performance Fuel Rail Kit starts with solid 6061 aluminum which is extruded through ...more
3.104,75 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 2.483,80 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: Out of stock
Model: 8475240427
Powerhouse Racing is glad to present our Billet Coil Cover for the 2JZ-GTE VVT-i motor.This solid billet aluminum coil cover is fully CNC machined from solid billet aluminum. Allows for extra heat removal via the larger vent ports as well as giving a show quality look. We think the PHR Coil Covers ...more
2.611,25 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 2.089,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock
Model: 87


Anyone building a high horsepower/high boost 2JZGTE engine has to consider the effects of cooling.The OEM fan is superior and cools better than most electric fan kits on the market but causes an untidy mess in the engine bay and doesn't look so "pretty". We have took the good of both worlds and created a fan kit that not only OUT FLOWS OEM but it really is OEM just from a IS300. 

3.812,50 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 3.050,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: Out of stock
Model: PHR Oil Filter Union
The Powerhouse Racing Oil Filter Union is the best way to eliminate your oil cooler and/or oil filter housing on your 2jz or 1jz engine. Simply remove the old filter housing and thread the fitting into the block. Oil Filter attaches directly onto the union.
500,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 400,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )
Availability: In stock