AN fittings for fuel systems, oil cooler, lubrication, etc. AN fittings allows you to make a simple and unique installation, with an expression of quality and durability.
These easy balance's fittings are of very high quality, and all ProLine Fittings ar made of 6061 T-6 aluminum. Have an optimal flow, and can be used in many context in motorsports of all kinds, not least because of. Safety reasons and to facilitate the design.
Pro-Line fittings Denmark, Denmark's leading stock, and the largest selection that basically everybody think right types and variants of the AN fittings, precisely in order to ensure quick delivery and stable quality.
All our AN fittings are made of 6061 T-6 aluminum, also called aircraft aluminum with a matt anodized / anodized coating in black to create an incredibly strong surface, this makes simultaneous to aluminum fittinget tolerate all types of liquids, as known in the automotive industry .
Swivel design, is equal to the smooth instalation, which ensures that the tube can be adjusted by 360 ° after fittinget is clamped.
Cutter design, means that fittinget has a fixed cutting ring, which when mounted, cut into the tubing, thereby providing a close and accurate extreme samlign of the hose and fittinget.

ProLine Cutter Design. AN fittings sizes and flavors

Brand: ProLine Fittings
Type: Hose fittings
Fitting design: Swivel / Cutter design, genbuges
Hose size: AN-4-20
Adapter size: AN-4-20
Adapter female / male: Female
Fitting degrees: 0-180 Degrees
Fitting finish: Black anodized
Fitting Material: 6061 T-6 Aluminum