AN6 NYLON - Braided - PTFE/Teflon

110,00 DKK  Incl. VAT
( 88,00 DKK  Excl. VAT )

Nylon reinforced Teflon Hose

Maximum operating pressure .: 2500 psi

Burst pressure 6000 psi

Bend Radius 3.5 "

Ø-Inside. 5/16 ": 8.0mm

E-Comm. 0.47 in. : 11.0mm

Model: 3000-22
Weight: 0,1 kg
Availability: In stock

FIA and DASU approved hose, which is impervious, so it is now possible to get rid of fuel smell inside the car.

This tubing is made of Teflon. Extruded core with a thin protective, full stainless steel braid on the outside, which makes it extremely light, flexible and durable.

Even better the hose is designed to handle any type of fuel (including E85 methanol and nitromethane), oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission, clutch powersteering liquids and nitrous oxide.

Can only be used with Teflon hose design, these can be found in the shop under Teflon PTFE hose fittings.

Temperature range from -73 degrees to 232 degrees Celsius (-99,4 farenheit to 449,6 farenheit)

Maxsimalt operating pressure.: 2500 psi

explosion pressure: 6000 psi

Bending radius 3.5 "-12"


Meets or exceeds requirements for use in motorsport in DASU and FIA. And the requirements for aircraft industry. also perfect for Tractor pull, Dragster, HOTROD and so on.


one piece. = 1 meter (3,2 feet). All order are sold in full lengths up to 20 meter (65,6 feet)


Interior size:

AN6 8.00 mm

AN8 11mm 7/16 "

AN10 14.3 mm 9/16 "

AN12 17.5 mm 11/16 "


Exterior size

AN6 11.0 mm

AN8 16 mm, 17/32 "

AN10 17.8 mm

AN12 23.9 mm

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