When Turbosmart began making performance products,  back in 1997, a great amount of effort was put into the design and manufacturing process to ensure that our products created a new standard.

More hand crafted than mass-produced, Turbosmart products quickly gained acceptance within the performance community for their quality and reliability. Coupled with extraordinary service and after-sales  support, the Turbosmart brand quickly became one of the most sought after names in the industry.

Not much has changed since then. Although our product line and the company itself have grown considerably, the products are still designed and manufactured at our factory in Sydney, Australia, using the same tried and proven formula of innovative design, strict quality control and rigorous testing.

We have invested in our research facility, manufacturing equipment and staff training to ensure our products continue to perform up to and beyond your expectations.

At Turbosmart, we don’t believe in cutting corners and half measures. We don’t accept anything short of perfection, and neither should you.


Nicholas J. Cooper


Founder and President of Turbosmart.