Adel Wiggins Clamps

Adel Wiggins has utilized its more than three decades of experience in the design and production of reliable flexible tube connectors to develop the W900 Series. This series has evolved in response to some very demanding application requirements - most particularly of one-hand installation and removal. The locking latch design eliminates troublesome and time-consuming installation of safety-wire. It also provides positive assurance of a fullclosure. The Electrical Bonding feature eliminates the external clamps, fastener and jumper wire required by most other connectors. Elimination of lockwire holes, grounding clamps and jumper provides for minimum weight and unit costs, while retaining the proven performance of other WIG-O-FLEX connectors. Fully qualified to AS1650 and MIL-C-22263.

NOTE: You will need to purchase the Tube Connector, 2 Weld Ferrules, and 2 O-rings for each connection.


Wiggins clamps are designed to be strong, yet light weight, and ease of use saves assembly time. They can be used in numerous applications such as Race, Rally, Military vehicles, Marine and Aerospace, and have been developed to meet Aerospace Industry specifications. The clamps allow up to 8 degrees of angular misalignment, up to 1/4" of axial travel, max operating pressure 125psi, proof pressure 25psi, burst pressure 375psi and max working temp 450 degrees F.