HANS device is an abbreviation for “Head And Neck Support” device or otherwise called “head restraint” is a mandatory safety peace of gear in most car racing competitions and events. It considerably reduces the possibility of head and neck injuries in the events of collision on the track.

What it basically does is prevents your head from slamming forward and/or to the sides in the event of collision – sort of a ‘seat belt’ for your head. Initially wearing it you may feel that your head movement is limited however you do get used to it. Plus you can try different makes and models and choose the one that suits you best. There are models which are adjustable too. One of these things will cost you around 3000Dkr to 8500Dkr for the latest and lightest models but be reassured if you will be racing on the track it is a good investment to make.

Fra: RRS
3.363,75  m/Moms
8.428,13  m/Moms
11.240,63  m/Moms