Model/varenr.: -35648

BMW E92 coupe - lightweight polycarbonate window kit


5 piece fully thermoformed polycarbonate window kit


Product features


- Manufactured from high quality Lexan UV protected polycarbonate
- Approximately 50% weight saving compared to glass
- Each window is marked to meet MSA, FIA & ABG regulations
- Windows are thermoformed and CNC profile cut ready to fi
- Black border to rear screen and rear 1/4 windows 

7.612,50  m/Moms
( 6.090,00  u/Moms )
Lager: Skaffevare leveringstid 3-4 uger, hvis udsolgt..
Model/varenr.: -35938

Sprint Spec: 
A single layer Hard Coated window used in ie. Hillclimb and Drifting (less suitable for rain driving)

4.200,00  m/Moms
( 3.360,00  u/Moms )
Lager: Skaffevare leveringstid 1-2 uger, hvis udsolgt..