Model/varenr.: 31189
MSD's 8.5mm Super Conductor wire sets have a special helically wound core that has just 40-50 ohms of resistance per foot--but with an RFI suppression equal to a 1,500 ohm wire. In fact, each foot of finished wire features 40 ft. of tightly wound copper for superior conductivity. A tough, 8.5mm synt ...mere
Fra: MSD
986,03  m/Moms
( 788,82  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 8207
When used with an MSD 6 Series ignition, these MSD Blaster SS coils delivered 300 milliamps and 40,000 V of spark. The coils feature efficient E-core windings, brass terminals, and a durable Rynite housing.   Brand:MSD IgnitionPart Type:Ignition CoilsProduct Line:MSD Blaster SS Coils
Fra: MSD
522,90  m/Moms
( 522,90  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: MSD-8870

MSD Coil Interface Modules

408,45  m/Moms
( 408,45  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: MSD-3503
Maximum Spark Plug Wire Diameter (mm): 8.5Hand-Held: NoVise Mount: YesRatcheting Type: NoCrimps Wire: YesCrimps Spark Plug Wires: YesCuts Wire: YesCrimping Tool Material: PlasticCrimping Tool Finish: NaturalQuantity: Sold individually. Finally, there's an inexpensive way to make a set of custom spa ...mere
Fra: MSD
93,45  m/Moms
( 74,76  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 8563

Distributor, Pro-Billet, Magnetic Trigger, Mechanical Advance, Pontiac, 326-455, Each

Fra: MSD
3.123,98  m/Moms
( 2.499,18  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 32829

Engine Type: V8
Engine Size: 5.3L/323

Engine Family: Chevy small block Gen III/IV (LS-based engines)

Fra: MSD
966,79  m/Moms
( 773,43  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 32819

Spark Plug Wires, Super Conductor, Spiral, 8.5mm, Red, Multi-Angle Boots, Chevy, LS1, Set

Fra: MSD
1.001,31  m/Moms
( 801,05  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: 33829

WireSet, Red, GM Gen V LT1 Eng, 2014-On

Fra: MSD
772,78  m/Moms
( 618,22  u/Moms )
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MSD Ignition

As makers of the world’s first multiple-spark discharge ignition control box, MSD Ignition has been at the forefront of performance ignition technology since 1970. Today, MSD Ignition develops, tests, and manufactures some of the world’s best-performing ignition controls, distributors, ignition coils and coil packs, spark plug wires, and a host of performance accessories all designed to help you get the most out of your ignition system. MSD’s ignition expertise extends from direct replacement and 50-state-legal components for your daily driver to high-output ignition systems used by NHRA, IHRA, and NASCAR racers.