Model/varenr.: Sunoco-DOT4
Sunoco bremsevæske DOT 4   Mængde per dunk 0,5 L
59,00 DKK  m/Moms
( 47,20 DKK  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: Sunoco-DOT5-1
Sunoco bremsevæske DOT 5,1   Mængde per dunk 1 L
99,00 DKK  m/Moms
( 79,20 DKK  u/Moms )
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Model/varenr.: -50053-V1
DOT 4 brake fluid formulated with a precise mixture of Borate Esters and Glycol Ethers, plus moisture and corrosion inhibitors Utilizing quality raw materials yields a superior fluid resistant to absorption and retention of moisture while providing the best protection against extreme temperatur ...mere
218,75 DKK  m/Moms
( 175,00 DKK  u/Moms )
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