Model/varenr.: DARTON
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BLOCK SLEEVES - Darton M.I.D. (Honda/Acura K20, 87mm to 90mm Max Bore)

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Model/varenr.: -33053

BLOCK SLEEVES - Darton M.I.D. (Honda/Acura K24, 87mm to 90mm Max Bore)



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Darton Sleeves
A Division of Darton International, Inc.
Darton International was incorporated in 1978 with a goal of becoming a premier manufacturer of automotive speed equipment parts. In pursuit of this objective lead the founders to establish manufacturing relationships with unique European factories specializing in products and techniques which would harmonize with Darton's potential customers

Darton initially selected two groups of products to concentrate on: steelstampings (such as valve covers) and precision CYLINDER SLEEVES. One of the company's first customers for both groups of products was Milodon Engineering. Together, they pioneered new and innovative ways to manufacture their product, performance cylinder sleeves. Darton became the first supplier of high quality centrifugally cast ductile iron cylinder sleeves to meet SAE and ASTM rigid quality control standards.

In 1990, Darton became part of an international company based in Portugal. Pachancho, a 100 year-old manufacturing firm, located in picturesque northern Portugal, leads a group of manufacturing firms specializing in automotive products such as piston rings, CYLINDER SLEEVES, iron castings and specialty aluminum castings. The Darton affiliate company is world renowned and is a major supplier to the automotive industry in Europe. All of Darton's cylinder sleeve material is produced in our Portugal foundry, which is recognized worldwide for excellence in all forms of unique types of centrifugally cast ductile and grey iron. Still today the focus of Darton International's business is the manufacture and delivery of cylinder sleeves, sometimes referred to as cylinder liners. Darton continues to advance in the performance racing industry market.

Darton is also the prime sleeve supplier for the Ford SVO aluminum engine program. Darton employs a market strategy aimed at becoming the primary sleeve supplier of choice for small engine shops and OEM's alike. To accomplish this task, Darton continues its research and development and utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to continually market with new products such as our latest invention: "modular integrated deck" sleeve kits.