FUELAB® 515/525 Series Fuel Pressure Regulators are designed with performance and flexibility in mind. They accept port style and non-port style union fittings without interference. Several configurations are available, supporting carbureted applications as low as 1 PSID to fuel injected applications up to 125 PSID. The 515 Series Fuel Pressure Regulator has a -6AN return port located on the bottom. The 525 Series has its return port in-line with the inlet port (not on the bottom) which allows for easy installation in extremely tight locations.

FUELAB® 529 Series Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulators – Take the guesswork out of fuel delivery.  Set the pressure mechanically like a traditional bypass regulator, then let the electronic regulator’s demand based speed control take care of the rest!  True pump control is finally achievable and easy to install.

FUELAB® 535/545 Series Fuel Pressure Regulators have all the same great features as our 515/525 series, only smaller and weigh 50% less.

FUELAB® 555 and 575 Series Fuel Pressure Regulators are true precision instruments designed to regulate fuel.  These units feature an advanced poppet design for smooth regulating capability.  We’ve also incorporated a no-creep soft seat that’s methanol and E85 compatible. We’ve also incorporated a no-creep soft seat that’s methanol and E85 compatible. Adjustable in ranges from 1-3 PSI up to 25-65 PSI.

FUELAB® 565 Series Fuel Pressure Regulators have all of the same great features as our 515/525 Series except for extreme capacity. Utilizing a massive ½” return orifice and -10AN ports, these regulators hold no bounds. With the bypass capability over 5 GPM at 5 PSI, this new regulator can handle blow through carbureted applications well over 1800 H.P., and for EFI applications using belt driven fuel pumps; even further (with a flattened regulation slope). Regulator comes in four different pressure ranges covering applications between 4 and 80 PSI.

FUELAB® 585 Series Fuel Pressure Regulators expand on the line of Blocking Style (non-bypass) Regulators like our 555 and 575 Series, in a Traditional 4-Port Package. The main seat assembly can be quickly exchanged in case of seat damage, such as debris. The seat assembly can be taken apart further to enable o-ring replacement of the Soft-Seat design. With Dual -10AN Inlet Ports and Four -6AN Outlet Ports (port spread allows for -8AN line size) gives the regulator ability for extremely high flow rates with a flattened curve for pressure stability through its use of a 1.5 inch diaphragm assembly.