Radium Engineering LLC is an aftermarket automotive company located in the Portland Oregon metro area that produces and designs products that will lead the market in innovation, performance and quality.

A team of highly experienced degreed engineers, with personal passions for advancement and nearly two decades working in the automotive field, lead Radium towards advancement in the industry. With thorough research and development utilizing state of the art equipment, Radium designs products to enhance the driving experience and revolutionize the industry. Extensive testing and evaluation ensures the durability and integrity of Radium products will exceed consumer expectations.

Currently, Radium manufactures an expanding collection of motorsport parts and accessories for most modern performance vehicles. In addition to developing application-specific products, Radium also develops products for universal applications.

Thank you for your interest in Radium Engineering’s endeavors and please contact Radium for more information. We welcome all opportunities to answer questions and speak with fellow enthusiasts about building the ultimate performance automobiles for the street and track.