Model/varenr.: -19662

These Super Damper standard harmonic balancers from ATI are specifically designed for high-rpm engines. Their proven elastomer is designed and tuned to eliminate harmful crankshaft harmonics that cause parasitic horsepower loss. They are actually two dampers in one--a 4 in. diameter inner damper and a 6 3/8 in., 7 in., or 8 in. diameter outer damper in two shells that bolt to the crank hub. These dampers are engineered to all but eliminate worn parts and timing problems. They're tunable in the field, rebuildable, and extremely efficient at all rpm.

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Model/varenr.: -11134
These ATI damper puller and installers will allow you to remove or install a harmonic balancer the easy way. They feature a CNC-machined puller plate that will accept a variety of bolt patterns and stud sizes. Also included are the puller mandrel, studs, and a plastic storage case to keep everything ...mere
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Model/varenr.: 918854

Harmonic Balancer, Super Damper, Internal Balance, Aluminum/Steel, Black, Cadillac, LS-A, Each



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Model/varenr.: 918562

Harmonic Balancer, Super Damper, Internal Balance, Aluminum, Steel, Black, Toyota, 3.0L, Each

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