Model/varenr.: HT-011310
LENGTH: 300mm OUTPUTS: 0V to 12V Pulsed Output SUITS: Apllications that require a digital speed signal INCLUDES: Includes: GPS Speed Input Module & GPS Antenna Matching male DTM-3 Connector and pins NOTES: Calibration: 5000ppk (5000 pulses per km) Use with SPI or DPI ECU Inputs
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Model/varenr.: HL-011600
SUITS: Haltech Nexus and Elite ECU's using NSP and ESP Software INCLUDES: 1 x Haltech TMS-4 Reciever 1 x TE Mcon to DTM-4 CAN Cable 4 x Internal Sensors Warning Sticker Set Mounting Hardware Quick Start Guide NOTES: Batteries for internal sensors are included and are NOT replaceable Typical lifesp ...mere
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