Model/varenr.: DCP8060
Using expertise gained from the hugely popular EWP80 & EWP115 Electronic Water Pumps, Davies Craig EWP150 High Capacity Electronic Water Pumps are now available. The EWP 150 is supplied in an alloy housing for ultimate durability and offers a substantial 150 Litres per minute optimum capacity ...mere
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Model/varenr.: 8970


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Model/varenr.: 9002


  **Pump and Wiring Harness ONLY**
The EBP is a ‘brushless’ 12 volt, high flow 15 Litres / 3.96 Gallons per minute , magnetically driven water pump. The EBP motor has no brushes to ever wear out and the pump is magnetically driven by the motor, which means that no shaft sealing is required. The many EBP applications include: booster for car heater and LPG systems, solar pump applications, water cooled motorcycle, go-kart engines, turbo air / water intercoolers & household irrigation.

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Model/varenr.: DCP8040
The revolutionary EWP pump from Davies Craig is now available in a lightweight aluminium housing, designed with the racer in mind. This rugged pump features 1" NPT female inlet and outlet ports to enable installation via Aeroquip or similar fittings. The EWP improves engine cooling control and cap ...mere
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Model/varenr.: DCP8025
The revolutionary EWP pump from Davies Craig is made from anti-corrosive, lightweight, glass-filled nylon & incorporates a carbon mechanical face seal for added reliability. The EWP improves engine cooling control and capacity while giving you more power and improved fuel economy. The EWP is u ...mere
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Model/varenr.: 8102
EWP® & Fan Digital Controller - (Module only) - The updated EWP®/Fan Digital Controller will manage the operation of your chosen EWP® by varying the speed of your pump in response to coolant temperature and manage control of your electric Thermatic® Fan, No need for a separate thermal switch   ...mere
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