Model: 2304

Used to propel the fastest 4wd 4 cylinder on earth to 7.7 second 1/4 mile times, this PPG  product is rated at over 1000hp and far exceeds anything else available in the market for earlier model 4G63 powered FWD and 4WD cars.

Drag racing records in various European, Asian , Australian, New Zealand and American Championships were born only out of the creation of this highly developed gearset over the last 5 years.

55.153,75  Incl. VAT
( 44.123,00  Excl. VAT )
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Model: 2305

A 5th Gear Option for use only with the PPG 1st to 4th Drag set when fitted to EVO 1-3, Eclipse, Talon or VR4.

12.418,75  Incl. VAT
( 9.935,00  Excl. VAT )
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