Model/varenr.: SC7459
CP Pistons is the leader in high performance pistons.These pistons are 86mm/3.386" designed for the Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine.  Part # SC7459.  These pistons will yeild 8.5:1 compression.  These are good for Turbo, or Turbo & Nitrous applications.This kit comes with 6 CNC Machined Pistons, 6 Hardene ...mere
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Model/varenr.: CP7472
CP pistons are designed for oversized valves, high lift camshafts and available in a variety of compression ratios and bore sizes. All of our products represent the highest quality and are engineered for maximum power. Pistons come with wrist pins, pin fitted, and locks (except for Subaru). Dedic ...mere
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