Dynapro Radial Mount Black Anodize Caliper (Pad Area: 6.36)

2.893,75 DKK  m/Moms
( 2.315,00 DKK  u/Moms )

Dynapro Radial Mount Caliper.

Model/varenr.: 120-7378
Vægt: 1,85 kg
Lager: Leveringstid er 1-2 uger, hvis udsolgt. dag(e)

DynaPro four piston radial mount calipers combine pure race technology with a new generation of Wilwood performance enhancements. The DynaPro combines the versatility of radial mounting with a sleek profile, superior strength, and extreme durability in adverse conditions. With an overall weight as light as 3.58 pounds, the DynaPro has become a favored choice for a broad range of sports, rally, and off-road driving applications.

The strength of the DynaPro is a combination of process and design. The process of stess-flow forging re-aligns the internal grain structure of the metal to flow within the contour of the caliper body. This produces a part with superior strength over machined block billet parts or castings. The FEA generated body design features a radial transition between the piston bores and caliper bridges. This eliminates macined steps and shoulders in this critical strength area and substantially increases the resistance against deflection and body separation under high load. Structural deflection and volume displacement testing have proven the efficiency of this innovative design. The bottom line is a firm pedal with outstanding stopping power.

Rotor Compatibility:

  • Rotor Width(In): 0.81
  • Maximum Rotor Width(In): 0.86
  • Minimum Rotor Width(In): 0.75
  • Maximum Rotor Diameter(In): 12.19
  • Minimum Rotor Diameter(In): 10.75

Brake Pad Specifications:

  • Brake Pad Type 1: 7816
  • Brake Pad Type 2: N-A
  • Brake Pad Type 3: N-A
  • Total Pad Area (in²): 6.36
  • Total Pad Volume (in³): 3

Piston Specifications:

  • Piston 1 Bore(In): 1.62
  • Piston 2 Bore(In): 1.62
  • Total Piston Area (in²): 4.12

Mounting Specifications:

  • Mount Type: Radial
  • Mount Side: Universal
  • Mount Center(In): 5.98
  • Mount Hole Size(In): 0.39
  • Mount Height(In): 1.61
  • Inlet Thread Size: 1/8-27 NPT

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