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Water Bladder 2l Drink System and Cooler Bag

360,00 DKK  m/Moms
( 288,00 DKK  u/Moms )

Water bladder 2L drink system and cooler bag

Model/varenr.: 316-002
Lager: Leveringstid er 1-2 uger, hvis udsolgt. dag(e)

Water bladder 2L drink system and cooler bag

Allows the pilot to hydrate sitting in the tub with our new model Camel Bag!

Capacity: 2L

The kit includes:

- A pocket of water 2L capacity with high speed suction nipple of the liquid with check valve.

- An isothermal bag to keep fresh liquid.

Maintenance of your water pouch

Clean the bag after each use with hot water and dishwashing liquid or compressed cold sterilization for bottle (pharmacy), to bleach (rinse thoroughly), baking soda or vinegar.

This helps to remove microorganisms (black spots) that give this very bad taste.

Take care to dry the bag and pipe the air and finish dry hair or with your compressed air blower.

Once it is dry you can store it in the bottom of your refrigerator or freezer.

Low temperatures, remember to remove water from the pipette by blowing into it. In freezing in the pacifier, do not try to break the ice, it may damage the nipple.

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