Fra: RRS

RRS FUTURA 2 FIA artificial leather racing seat

3.382,50 DKK  m/Moms
( 2.706,00 DKK  u/Moms )

The perfect racing seat for muddy disciplines, Kart-cross, auto-cross, SSV, 4X4... and for large drivers (more than 75kg and 1,80m).

Model/varenr.: 1006007004S
Vægt: 9 kg
Lager: Leveringstid er 1-2 uger, hvis udsolgt. dag(e)

RRS FUTURA 2 FIA artificial leather racing seat.

PERFECT for muddy disciplines ! Kart-cross, auto-cross, SSV, 4X4. Easy cleaning with water.
Fits to large drivers. (more than 75kg and 1,80m).
RRS wanted to offer to its customers a high safety level for the best price.
A partnership with an European factory allows us to present you a complete range of racing fiber seats, offering an unrivaled quality/price ratio.

No compromise with safety, (FIA 8855-1999 standard), in compliance with current regulations

  • Hans friendly
  • Dimensions : take a look at pics
  • Perfect finish and rigidity guaranteed.
  • 5 harnesses holes
  • Sides mounting (seat mountings not provided)
  • Black waxed back for a super finish
  • Removable seat cushions. (back, bottom, legs : 800gr.)
  • 4x BTR provided bolts
  • Weight : Aprox. 9Kg
  • Perfect for drivers or co-drivers up to 1,80m and 75kg.

Made by BIMARCO for RRS

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