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RRS EVO2 FLEX PTS Style FIA race suit

5.265,00 DKK  m/Moms
( 4.212,00 DKK  u/Moms )

RRS FIA Replica Peugeot Talbot Sport Suit

Model/varenr.: 3052016053-1


Travel back in time with the RRS FIA Replica Peugeot Talbot Sport suit evoking the glory days of motorsport! So many memories for the followers of Group B.

An historic look combined with today's technology with the EVO2 FLEX finish


Top-of-the-range race suit, which provides you with optimal protection with its 3 layers of certified Nomex®, a guarantee of high quality.

Very soft white "comfort fiber" interior for greater ease and very good evacuation of body heat.

Lightweight, it weighs approximately 1.4 Kg (for a size M)

We add Stretch inserts to the arms and lower back to improve upper body and waist comfort when seated in the bucket.

These stretchy parts stretch or relax depending on the constraints to best adapt to your body.

Forget the feeling of pulling in the back, on the shoulders or the combination that goes up along the arms when your hands are on the steering wheel.

The EVO 2 race suit is truly the finish of ease.

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FIA standard: 8856-2000 (RS.252.14)

3 Layers 100% Nomex®

Extra-light: About 1.4Kg (More comfort and less heat)


TO KNOW: NOMEX® is the name of the protective solutions based on a range of highly heat-resistant and flame-resistant aramid fibers, invented and manufactured by DuPont. This high level of protection is integrated into the molecular structure of the fiber and therefore does not come from a chemical treatment.

Therefore, the heat and flame resistance of NOMEX® is inherent and permanent, and the garment retains its protective properties for its lifetime. (Excerpt from the official site of DuPont, designer of the NOMEX® fiber)

Approved pilot suit ideal for rally, circuit, endurance, rallycross...

RRS guarantees you a 100% NOMEX® 3-layer ultra-light suit for an entry-level price!

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