Replacement Filter Insert 100 micron * Stainless

538,75 DKK  m/Moms
( 431,00 DKK  u/Moms )
Model/varenr.: 200-10-102
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This E85 proof fuel filter is ideal to use in combination with our Fuel Filter / Fuel Filter Slim. Most common usage for a 100 micron filter is as a pre-filter to use in front of the fuel pumps in combination with 10 micron to use in front of the injectors.

Two pc O-ring is included with the filter insert, this is all you need to change the filter in Nuke Performance Fuel Filters.

We recommend that the filter insert should be cleaned / replaced at least once per season to maintain maximum function.

 Over 60 sq. inches of filtering area.
 Stainless steel filter element.
 Stainless steel end caps.
 Will fit all Nuke Performance housings as well as most other manufacturers.

Quantity : 1pc

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