Model/varenr.: 100-05-205
Nuke Performance Toyota 2JZ high-performance, lightweight fuel railToyota 6cyl 2JZ high-performance bolt-on Fuel Rail kit for the popular 6cyl 2JZ engine. This kit is for the popular Bosch / 14mm injectors. Lightweight fuel rail with unique injector safety clips that fit straight on the intake witho ...mere
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Model/varenr.: 99‐05‐101
Moterings kit til Toyota Supra 2JZ Fuelrail   for bocsh dyser 14,5 mm     Vi er leverings dyktige i alle NUKE´s super fede produkter De fleste kan leveres inden for 5 dage. Hvis ikke vi allerede har dem lager.   Leverings tid 1-5 dage
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Model/varenr.: 1407-RT004
Fuel parts are very important to achieve "big power." HKS Fuel Delivery Kit does not include injectors, fuel line parts, and a regulator. To use this kit, the injector must be a stock or select one from the HKS Top Feed Type Injectors of 550cc, 680cc, or 1000cc. The fuel line parts must be Aeroquip' ...mere
Fra: HKS
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Model/varenr.: 8475240405
Genuine Toyota fuel filter
Fra: OEM
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Model/varenr.: 20-0371
The Radium fuel rail for the 6-cylinder Toyota 2JZ-GE (Non-Turbo) engine is manufactured with a large 8AN ORB internal bore supporting all horsepower requirements. They are CNC machined from 6063 aluminum, black anodized, and laser etched for a high quality surface finish. For flexibility, the fuel ...mere
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